Eemerg Allows Stranded Motorist To Receive The Best Service At The Best Price. With The Help Of Qualified Services Providers Like You We Can Reach The Masses.


Grow With Us

Receive payments by direct deposit every week. Join our network for free and start making some extra cash. .

Reclaim your time! Set, your own hours, without penalty. With our flexible schedule you have the opportunity take jobs when you want to

We have an open network of providers, assign and manage your full fleet through our provider portal.


Service Provider Perks

We want to become the industry standard for roadside assistance. Offering the best service for our customers as well as an open platform for the service providers that choose to be apart of Eemerg.

I Love The Quick Payouts. I Get To Make All My Own Choices With No Penalties.

Honest Market

As a provider ou have a fair opportunity to win every job.  Ultimately customers choose the provider they want to work with.

Tech Driven

Our Innovative marketplace allows providers the opportunity to compete.  Our technology matches local companies to stranded motorists for a faster simpler solution.

Provider Focused

We created Eemerg to bridge local communities and bring better job opportunities and better wages to providers across the US is our main goal.

Accelerating Change

Help Us Accelerate Change In The Roadside Assistance Industry, On Your Terms. With Eemerg You Have Endless Opportunities For Growth.

Roadside Assistance Reimagined